Interactive Notebook ideas

This is a great freebie from TpT with ideas on interactive notebooks!  I teach prek, so we’re not quite here, but I do use foldables and the kids love cut and paste.  I may look into incorporating some of these ideas after the first of the year!


Tips for the first day of school!

Some great tips on the first day of kindergarten!

Love this list of 7 easy things that will help make a first day of school great for everyone!  I’m a big fan of name tags…it might take a day (or two) to get everyone straight, especially if you’ve got an Emma B and and Emma L as well as a few Noah’s!   I love the idea of sending a note home to parents!  The power of positive praise is amazing, and I love to be able to start off with a positive interaction with parents.

7 Tips for a Smooth First Day of Kindergarten!

First day of school…

What not to do on the first day of school!

This is a great little article!  And I agree with it 100%.  Preschoolers especially are often coming to their first day of school ever in their little lives, and we as the teacher need to help guide them to be successful.  It can be scary and overwhelming! I believe they need my guidance on classroom procedures and learning the ropes of being with other children and following directions and rules they might not have at home.

5 Mistakes Pre-K Teachers Make the First Week of School


Preschool math activities!

I admit, I struggle with math because it was hard for me.  But math is more than addition or division!  This link has a lot of great ideas for measurement, sorting and classifying, identifying shapes as well as songs and books that focus on math skills.  They are focused for preschool, but could be easily adapted for older children.

Ten Black Dots is one of my favorites and there are so many ways to extend learning, not just in math.

preschool valentines activity

Morning Meetings

Ideas for Morning Meetings

I love Morning Meetings.  It’s a great way to start the day, and they can be tweaked to fit any classroom.  I have always done a circle time with my preschoolers where we talk about what we will be doing during the day, go over concepts we might have learned the day before and will be adding on to today, read a story, sing some songs and just have a nice time together.

Back to school time is here!

This is my favorite classroom clock.  Cute little owl peeking out of a tree makes me excited for the first day of school!  The stores have class supply lists out, blogs are full of ‘First Day of School’ ideas, and Teachers Pay Teachers is chock full of awesome things!  If you don’t follow them on Facebook, you should.  They post freebies everyday!  I put quite a few items on my wish list, as I’m not sure what I’ll be teaching next year.  So many cute ideas on math, ELA, classroom management and organization I’m almost not sure where to even start!

In closing, check out your favorite education/teacher blogs and websites and see what awesome stuff they have for back to school!