Another year over!

It has been awhile – teaching third grade is pretty time-consuming, but fun! This is the end of my second year, and it has been a blast.  I was able to make changes with things that didn’t work quite as well last year, and tried a few new things this year. One of the best […]

New job!

Starting in August, I will be teaching third grade!  Quite a jump from preschool, but I am so excited.  There’s more opportunity to work with reading and writing!  I’ve been scouring Teachers Pay Teachers, and my local teacher supply store for ideas.  I also LOVE  Blair Turner.  She has such great posts and ideas, and […]

Last bits of spring!

As the end of the year came so quickly, I didn’t take many pictures from the end of our insects and plants unit.  The kids really enjoyed using vocabulary words like thorax and chrysalis!  I was so amazed at how quickly they caught on and used the words in our day-to-day learning and playing. We […]


Partner measuring activity Rachelle Rosenblit has an adorable measurement activity.  We have started our unit on plants this week.  We started out labeling the parts of a plant, and looking at various seeds.  We read “The Tiny Seed” by Eric Carle, and listed all the things a plant needs to grow. This week we will […]

Teaching Arrays

Miss Graffe’s Class: Teaching Arrays I found a few really great blogs about teaching arrays.  Now, we don’t really do this in preschool, but it’s a great idea for the future.  As for preschoolers, I love the idea of using qtips to fill in 10 frames, which is something I’ll be introducing soon.  They will […]


The last two weeks we have talked about art – Famous artists and their work, as well as what tools they use and lots of vocabulary.  This Matisse project had students using their fine motor skills to cut out shapes.  I had a few patterns cut out for them to use if they wanted to, […]


This week we learned all about snowmen!  The kiddo’s liked making the melted snowmen, thought a few were concerned that they didn’t look like the other snowmen we made!  For the other ones, I had snowmen cut outs, brown stick arms and scarf pieces and the kiddos chose their hats then put the snowman together.  […]


Ever the planner, I’ve found some adorable spring themed activities!  Trillium Montessori had some great literacy activities on their page.  They are so cute and hands on.  I know my preschoolers will love them come spring! Great activities from Trillium Montessori!