Last bits of spring!

As the end of the year came so quickly, I didn’t take many pictures from the end of our insects and plants unit.  The kids really enjoyed using vocabulary words like thorax and chrysalis!  I was so amazed at how quickly they caught on and used the words in our day-to-day learning and playing.

We made some super cute bees and really worked on our fine motor skills:


The kiddos gave me ‘bee facts’ to hang outside our door.  (Please pardon some of the poor quality phone pictures!) Their cutting skills were amazing at the end of the year- I was really impressed and told them they are certainly ready to cut in kindergarten!

We also had a chance to make Eric Carle inspired caterpillars after reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar:


To make the paper, the kids painted on brown paper bags. They used sporks, pencil erasers and sponges to make patterns on the paper.  When it was all dry, they cut out circles and made their caterpillars!  This group LOVED wiggly eyes, and they especially liked these with the eye lids and lashes.  We did discover that Eric Carle’s book has an error.  Butterflies emerge from a chrysalis, not a cocoon!

Our plants and insects unit ended up stretching from two weeks to four!  We did a lot of sorting, classifying, rhyming and practiced our writing during this unit.  I just wish I’d taken more pictures.  But, we were so busy and having fun, I guess it’s okay to forget pictures.  🙂





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