Partner measuring activity

Seed Packet Measurement Freebie

Rachelle Rosenblit has an adorable measurement activity. 

We have started our unit on plants this week.  We started out labeling the parts of a plant, and looking at various seeds.  We read “The Tiny Seed” by Eric Carle, and listed all the things a plant needs to grow. This week we will also be making our own parts of a plant foldable complete with real seeds! Our SLO (Student Learning Object) this cycle is measurement, and I think this is a super cute idea.  Now, preschoolers aren’t reading yet, but we have a group of Fourth graders who come and read with us once a month.  Fingers crossed they will be done with their own testing and can come help us with this activity, otherwise I’ll tweak this to work for them.  They are so good with the little kiddos!  They came on Read Across America Day in March and now when I see them in the hallway, they ask when they can come back!  One of my kiddos will wave to them and say “look, there’s our big kid friends!”

It makes me smile!


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