It’s been awhile!

I’ve neglected this blog for quite awhile!  My new job (well, it was new in September) and working on my reading endorsement classes has kept me very busy!  I am absolutely loving my time at the school where I student taught.  The staff is amazing, the kids are fantastic and I am learning so much from everyone!  We are on the count down to DIBLES testing,and my little group of kindergarten kiddos are working so hard.  I have trouble coming up with nonsense words, but luckily there are tons of great lists to be found on the internet, and through  The kids really love it when I use a nonsense word they think is a real word….fot was one from today.  We are also practicing our d/b, g/j s/z sounds because they are tripping us up just a bit, but that seems to be par for the course!


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