Coming to an end….


This was my preschool classroom 5 years ago. I loved every second of teaching my half day kiddos. I missed them terribly, even as I loved every second of my kindergarten student teaching! This next school year I will no longer be teaching preschool full time. I’ll be subbing in the public schools, and hopefully getting my name out there because I truly want to teach in my town. I love it here, and I hope I can gain experience and learn more about teaching each and every day.

I’ll still be helping at the daycare, with the evening hours, so I won’t be leaving ‘my kids’ completely and I’m sure I’ll see them around in their schools. They have already been talking about having to call me Miss McKinney instead of Miss Meghan when they see me as a substitute!

That said, we have just two weeks until school starts! I’m excited and nervous, but I know this is a step in the right direction!!

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