Float or Sink?

floating sink

This week there has been a lot of discussion about what floats and what doesn’t.  Since we couldn’t truck a bunch of objects to the public pool, we decided to experiment at school.  Each child picked an object they wanted to test, and we filled out a chart with the object, and their prediction of float or sink.

Then we tested all of the objects.  Next time I do this, I will be sure that I use a bigger or deeper container.  The apple was hard to see floating because it was almost touching the bottom.  The Mr. Potato Head was hard as well.  It has holes and of course once it filled with water, it began to sink.  But, like the apple, it was touching the bottom, so we had to discuss why it started out floating, and then sank.  If we’d had time (we had to leave for a field trip) we would have experimented a bit more with the Mr. Potato Head.  If we have time next week, we may do that….the kids had some great explanations as to why and what they could do to maybe help it float.


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