Retiles and Amphibians

Did you know that amphibians don’t have teeth or nails?  “Well, then how do they defend themselves?” one of my almost first graders asked me.  Answer: they often secrete poison from their skin or they have great camouflage.

We’ve been learning about mammals, birds, fish, amphibians and reptiles this week.  I realized, while trying to play “What am I?” with the group, that most of them didn’t know the difference between these types of animals.  So, we fixed that!  We found videos that told us the differences and similarities of reptiles and amphibians, we learned about fish eggs and that some people eat them (“YUCK!”, they all agreed) and we came up with some animals that we want to learn more about!  Like, why do some snakes give birth to live babies?  How can a platypus be a mammal if it lays eggs?  It’s been a fun week of graphic organizers, classification games, frog puppets, life cycle diagrams, stories about favorite animals, and LOTS of practice with the “Who am I?” game!

I will say that I’ll have to spend some time this weekend researching about platypuses and creepy snakes though!


*(I’ve written or typed amphibian so much this week, it’s starting to look like some fake word I just made up.  Has that ever happened to you?)

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