Fun science ideas!

Our local library has a ‘mad scientist’ program this summer.  We took our first and second grade school age group yesterday, and they had a really great time!  The kids had to use team work to first move plastic, paper or Styrofoam cups with just a rubber band with strings attached.  I loved that younger children were grouped with older children, and they really did well.  The youngest of our group really stepped up and was helping her group.  They then had to build a structure with only 5 or fewer straws and tape.  The structures had to be free standing and support a film canister 7 inches off the table (you can’t imagine how many children didn’t know what it was!).  I was pleased to see all of our group working hard in their teams to create a structure.

All but a few of the groups made a successful structure but I think I’d like to have them try at the center this summer.  I’ve been scouring Google and found a few different options.  I think this group would really like edible structures (  Should be a fun project the week of the Fourth of July when we have some down time.

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