Another year finished

Friday was the last day of school for my preschoolers.  It’s always a very busy day, so I don’t have time to be a bit sad!  They all did such a great job this year, and it’s been such a treat to watch them grow over the last year (some of them over the last two years).  They did a great job at their graduation program, and parents area always so excited.  I know they will do great in kindergarten next year.

Now I gear up for a summer program.  I don’t usually have a class in the summer, but we have such a large summer enrollment, I thought it would be a nice way to get some of the younger 4 year olds ready for the ‘big kid’ preschool class.  I’m pretty excited!  I did a bit of cleaning out of cabinets and junk in my room today, and I may go back on Monday to do a bit more.  Thursday I go with another preschool teacher to the zoo- that’s always such a fun time!

Now, if it would just warm up here in Ohio!  I don’t think it got above 60 today!


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