Findery (Free Technology)

Findery ( is a program where you can add stories to Google Maps.  It would be a great addition to children who are studying their city and state.

Children can use their knowledge of a place and its events to write a story about it.  If children were writing about Findlay, they could write about specific places, and their role in the development of our town.  They might talk about the Gas Boom, or the War of 1812.  They could compare our town and it’s role in the War of 1812 to that of Ft. Meigs near Toledo.

Not only would children be able to upload their own stories, but they could read stories others have posted.  Since Findery uses Google Maps, you could explore anywhere in the world.  Maybe find a city that is on the same latitude or longitude as Findlay and compare and contrast the two cities.  Image

(Photo:  taken by the author)

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