Interactive and Viritual Tours through Google Art Project

Moving around a lot, my parents often left my sister and I with grandparents and then traveled to find a new home.  The last time we moved, my parents were able to stay in Maryland and house hunt in Texas because of virtual tours.  That was in the mid-90s, and things have really changed. There are interactive and virtual tours of almost anything you can think of, anywhere in the world!  You can take an interactive tour of the White House here: as well as a virtual tour here:

Google started the and has done tours of almost 50  influential museums around the world, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC, Musee d’Orsay in Paris, as well as the National Gallery in London.

With this new technology, students can visit historical places and museums around the world, through the computer.  Instead of just reading about things in a book, students can take interactive and virtual tours of the places and pieces they learn about in school.  They are all free (through Google Art Project) and very easy to use.  I feel this would be a great way to show children the world.

Alex Wong Getty Images

Alex Wong Getty Images


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