I’ve been using RSS feeds with tumblr for awhile, but I recently started following other blogs through Google Reader.   Using a reader is an easy way to keep information together.  You can follow almost anything.  I think I’ll be using the Google Reader to keep all my education information together.  I have followed everyone in the class in WordPress, and I will be following everyone in my RSS feed as well.  This will be an easy way to find information posted in this class, but I can also add other blogs that I find helpful or interesting for my teaching.  RSS readers are also an easy way to search for specific information.  I can quickly see what blogs other students are following, or what technology they talked about in previous posts.  We all know that time is precious, and if I can save a bit by having a wealth of information in one place, that’s a good thing! I also like that with my Firefox browser, instead of bookmarking a site I like, if it’s able to be on an RSS feed, it’s easy to just add it to Google Reader.

For this assignment, I will just post the first 5 student blogs I put in my Google Reader, though I will be following everyone.

I also subscribe to an amazing preschool teacher named Teacher Tom (  It’s so rare to find a man in preschool, and he has a lot of insights, especially about having fun and enjoying the moments with kids.  I share this blog with my preschooler’s parents because I really like what he has to say.  



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