Apps.  A few years ago, they weren’t even around.  Now, the phrase “there’s an app for that” seems to be true.  There are many companies who develop apps for anything you could think of.  On my phone right now I’ve got an app for the weather, one for my bank, email, Facebook and even Blackboard!  Apple is the company I’m most familiar with, as I have an iPhone.  With its iPod, iPhone and iPods, Apple has allowed children to have access to so many apps, or applications.  Teachers can find a plethora of apps for any age, grade and skill level.  Math, language arts, science and games are all available for very little, and sometimes for free!  I have used my iPod in my preschool classroom quite a few times, and I’m amazed how my students already knew what to do and how to do it!  Children are growing up in a time where they have exposure to technology at a very young age, and schools have to evolve their technology as these tech savvy kids are entering the school system. Having access to these apps allow children to learn while having fun!


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