http://katiedavis.com/category/podcast/ This is a pod cast by author Katie Davis (She wrote and illustrated “Kindergarten Rocks”, one of my favorite books) and she talks about how to use children’s literature in the classroom.  I like to use literature to expand my preschooler’s knowledge of topics we talk about in class, and this is a great […]


I’ve been using RSS feeds with tumblr for awhile, but I recently started following other blogs through Google Reader.   Using a reader is an easy way to keep information together.  You can follow almost anything.  I think I’ll be using the Google Reader to keep all my education information together.  I have followed everyone in […]

Apps.  A few years ago, they weren’t even around.  Now, the phrase “there’s an app for that” seems to be true.  There are many companies who develop apps for anything you could think of.  On my phone right now I’ve got an app for the weather, one for my bank, email, Facebook and even Blackboard!  […]