The following are three blogs that I like to read.  Each one gives me information, ideas and encouragement that I can bring to my own preschool classroom.

This is a blog run by a librarian, Jules


The blog is entirely about children’s literature. Good literature is more than just a great story.  Fantastic illustrations are a part of what makes a good children’s book.  The blog was started as a place to talk about the books Jules read.  Not only what she read, but to share the books with the world, as well as having a starting place for discussions about books.  I’ve been following the blog for quite a few years now, and have found some amazing books to use with my preschoolers.  The blog features authors and illustrators I have often not heard of as well as sharing information about events in the children’s literature world.  It is one of my favorite blogs overall!

Another blog I read is called First Grade Glitter and Glue, from a teacher in Texas.


Like most teachers, Marisa blogs because it is a way to collect ideas for her classroom as well as share ideas with other teachers.  I love how positive her blog is and what great ideas she has.  She also posts a lot of printables that I’ve used in my preschool classroom.

The last blog is from a third grade teacher, Jenny.


Jenny started her blog as a student and wanted to have a place to keep her ideas, tips and thoughts in a convenient place.  Blogging is a good way as well to give and receive feedback on ideas.  I like that Jenny does a lot with math on her blog, because that’s something I struggle to add to my lesson plans.  She also updates her blog fairly regularly, and that’s a nice thing.

I agree that blogging is a great way to organize ideas, tips and information as a teacher.  I know that I get a lot of good ideas from blogs and the internet, as well as from co-workers and friends who are in the teaching field.  I’ve played around with blogs in the past, but never really kept up with it, but I think this is an opportunity to keep track of lessons I do, interesting activities, and all the fun and silly moments I have with my kids.  I also hope that with this blog I can learn from classmates in this class, and hopefully I can give them some ideas as well!

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